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What is JetOS

JetOS is a fully functional online operating system that runs on your browser. It treats all browsers the same and is possible to be on a phone (but it is not recommended). The current version of JetOS is built for smaller laptops and is built to run on the bare minimum.

JetOS runs on XAVI. XAVI is a core that is built for efficiency and ease of use. XAVI also keeps a mind on privacy, so your identity is secured via our servers. We do not log your identity, so we CANNOT view any of your history.

Our legacy wallpaper was retired and is avaliable on Wall Paper Cave To see the new wallpaper head to jetos.xyz/main We change wallpapers every so often, so every time you open up JetOS, you look forward too new possibilities.

JetOS is one of the best online operating systems out there! Use JetOS and join us!